Liz K. Penuela uses photography, video and performance in her artwork. In her artistic process three dimensions interact and become visible: the individual and introspective dimension; the collective dimension of externalization and creating flows; and the community dimension of access and participation. The everyday space is explored and interpreted from these different perspectives in order to (re)construct personal/mental, architectural, or urban/rural/natural states and tacit content, transformed into recreational areas of fiction and reflection from the personal experience and subjective perception.


The audiovisual work (1999-2012) is autobiographical and self-referential. The vision staging, personal memory, family, love stories, history, and subjective elements of this work is accentuated by technological devices through video actions.


Projects and works since 2011 have explored the transformative processes of collective, participatory, educational and social reflection. These works give visibility to multiple narratives, conceptualized by the artist as “micro-revolutions”, which intervene with and influence social norms, politically and culturally, in individual and common spaces.


Among the most prominent collective artistic projects in which she has participated include: Propaganda, curated and directed by the artists Dorinel Marc, Tina Nykvist and Robert Brečević in Stockholm (2011). Performing Recalcitrance, curated by Steffi Hessler with the draft Mejan TV, streaming TV, run by the artist Donatella Bernardi in Stockholm (2012) and The Normalcy Project, curated by Donatella Bernardi with Spa KKH by Clown project in Stockholm (2014).






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